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ServiTech Hires Conservation Agronomist to Encourage Conservation and Carbon Strategy on Company’s Extensive List of Services

DODGE CITY – As the agriculture industry moves toward collecting data on its carbon footprint, ServiTech is poised to assist growers and coop managers with its own conservation agronomist. ServiTeh has hired Chris Lobmeyer, Plymell, Kan., to lead this area of agronomy and help growers navigate the evolving environmental and carbon-market focused programs now available.  

Chris Lobmeyer, ServiTech’s new Conservation Agronomist

With an extensive career in agriculture, crop consulting and most recently technology, Lobmeyer will lead ServiTech’s agriculture, consulting and lab services customers through the aggressive carbon market. ServiTech welcomes Lobmeyer to the team as an essential tool in the company’s toolbox. 

Lobmeyer earned a Bachelor of Science in agriculture, majoring in animal science, from Kansas State University. He maintained a conservation-focused degree program, studying range management, while also working for his family’s farm near Garden City, Kan. Lobmeyer watched his brother, who manages the farm, convert acres to no-till and says his range management, biology and ecology courses from K-State sparked his interest in conservation practices.

“In the end, every farmer and every agronomist is an ecologist,” Lobmeyer says. “Applied agriculture is biology and nature is going to win. Growers naturally protect the environment with all they do.” 

After graduating from K-State Lobmeyer worked in the feed and cattle industry, managed his own seed plant then began working for ServiTech as an agronomist for five seasons. He spent time in industry and worked as an independent crop consultant before spending nearly three years at Indigo as a technical services agronomist focused on soil health. 

“My time with ServiTech was the best education I had because I was able to see how different farmers operate, both good and bad,” Lobmeyer says. “I was able to witness a lot better, more consistent farms due to conservation practices.”

As ServiTech’s Conservation Agronomist Lobmeyer says he will work to help coops and growers navigate the current carbon markets and newer conservation programs. His job will include consulting with customers to find ways to reduce inputs that add to their bottom line. Lobmeyer says he will also focus on building relationships in the carbon industry to benefit growers long term. 

Ryan Hassebrook, president and CEO of ServiTech, says the company’s new conservation agronomist position will be critical to coop owners and growers who need advice as they work through cover cropping, no till practices and carbon credits. 

“Chris brings a wealth of knowledge in regenerative agriculture and has contacts with the Natural Resources Conservation Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” Hassebrook says. “The upcoming Farm Bill will most likely provide dollars for cover cropping that Chris can help our customers work toward. As growers navigate drought and disasters, ServiTech is ready to provide them with someone to provide strategies and to mitigate catastrophies.”

Lobmeyer is a board member of the Kansas Ag Research Technology Association, president of the Garden City regional music Tumbleweed Festival and is a member of the Garden City band boosters. He has four children and lives in Garden City, Kan. 


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