COAL Headwear Debuts “ONIGIRI” Snowboard Film 

Rachel LeadholdClient News, Lifestyle Feature

November 9, 2023 (Seattle) – Today Coal Headwear launches “ONIGIRI” with its online premiere here and invites snowboarders to screenings at some of the best snowboard shops this fall and winter. Those who watch “ONIGIRI” are able to join Jess Kimura, Darrah Reid-Mclean, and Matteo Soltane as they link up with Kazu Kokubo in his home mountains of Japan to explore and quench their hunger for deep powder, crisp air, and tasty rice triangles.  

Winter is right around the corner and snowboarders in the northern hemisphere are frothing for the powder days ahead.  This film aims to take them into a dreamy state of flow, where the peaks meet the waves and snowflakes kiss the fibers on their heads.  

Kazu Kokubo in the Wilcox hat

Matteo Soltane in the Nukon beanie

Jess Kimura in the Encore cap

Darrah Reid-McLean in Fjord Beanie

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