Why Hire a PR Firm?

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There are many reasons why you should put your trust into a public relations agency – too many to mention in a short blog.  But here’s one that turned PR into a thriving must-have industry:

It’s called free publicity.

How many times have you searched Google, Linkedin and the huge social media world, or browsed through endless magazines, newspapers or TV programs to find positive mention of your company’s products and services, only to come up empty.  Does your level of frustration soar when the competition is getting all the media attention?

Unlike advertising, aka pay for play, securing your organization’s place in your desired media outlets is based on newsworthiness.  There’s no question:  A free third-party editorial endorsement is way more valuable than an expensive advertisement.   In other words, are your products, services and company activities new and unique enough to grab the attention of objective editors, writers and other media influencers who will want to include them in their news columns?  

The effect of having your company positively featured in the “free space” of a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal or in Time Magazine, for instance, can launch your credibility – and even sales – to new heights. 

That’s what PR firms do best.  They are experts in media relations.  They know what’s newsworthy and can talk the talk with journalists, making them aware of your valued assets.

Next up:  How do you know which PR agency is right for your organization?

By Les Goldberg, APR